3JUVE latest skin health platform. Total rejuvenation in one machine, resurfacing, refining and tightening.

The erbium YAG laser resurfaces the skin, stimulating the collagen and elastin as it smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The 585 hand piece removes blemishes – excess pigmentation and red veins refining skin. Finally the RF lifts and smooths giving a more youthful appearance. RF can also be used pre-event to lift and give radiance with no downtime.

3 rejuvenation technologies for the 3 main facial concerns;

1.   Resurface I Wrinkles. The first and most powerful technology of the 3. Targeting the top layer (epidermis) of the skin. Resurface causes dramatic skin renewal and retextures the skin. Helping to remodel the skin, helping to increase the skins collagen to reduce static lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and even stretch marks.

2.   Rebright I Veins & Pigmentation. Youthful skin is blemish-free, this step clears discolouration (sun damage, excess pigmentation and sun spots). Also targets vascular outbreaks and areas of redness (usually the nose, cheeks and chin). Rebright helps to achieve that airbrushed skin without makeup.

3.   Remodel I Tightening & Lifting. Radio frequency helps to rewind signs of ageing. Remodel utilises micro-vibrations within the skin to stimulate fibroblasts which in turn produce collagen and elastin, creating firmer skin. This leads to a subtle lifting and tightening and therefore firmness of the skin.