First and foremost, Onda works at Fat Reduction. Making use of Coolwave technology, Onda is able to deeply disrupt the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells. In short, microwaves safely delve right down into the adipose layer, destroy any lipids it comes into contact with, remodelling the surrounding tissues. The result? Skin that appears both slimmer and firmer.

Secondly, Onda works to erase the appearance of Cellulite. These same Coolwaves also target the pockets of fat which create lumpiness beneath the skin – a.k.a. the lumps and bumps that we all associate with more advanced stages of cellulite. These unwanted lipids are then eliminated via
our body’s natural drainage system – the lymphatic system.

Finally, Onda reverses skin laxity by helping rid treated areas of any Loose Skin. This is a result of microwaves triggering Collagen shrinkage, firming the skin on contact. For skin tightening and fatbusting proven to be an estimated 3 and a half times more effective at penetrating fatty tissue than that of any radio frequency treatment on the market, Onda is truly in a league of its own…