PicoSure focus skin rejuvenation by laser resurfacing. Traditional resurfacing would damage all tissue to a set depth – meaning healing times would be excessive with many potentially unwanted side effects. With the new focus tip the laser beam is fractionalised to keep areas of healthy tissue. This speeds up the healing process and as PicoSure doesn’t build up heat there is minimal downtime. The laser can also spot treat sun spots to give a more uniform texture and tone to the skin and when used combination with the focus tip full rejuvenation can be achieved – particularly great for décolletage and hands. Finally also a treatment for melasma. This tricky skin condition was previously impossible to treat using lasers as it would often make the pigmented area more prominent (rebound melasma). Once again however due to the lack of heat produced by the PicoSure laser the risk of rebound is minimised, therefore using the correct wavelength all of the energy is absorbed by the excess pigmentation, shattering it, allowing the body to break it down and eliminate it. Treatment is effective on any part of the body – so don’t forget your hands and chest!